Horus Heresy Campaign Day - 16th April.

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Horus Heresy Campaign Day - 16th April.

Post by Chico on Wed Jan 20, 2016 10:34 pm

Righto lads and ladies, the 30k HH Campaign Saturday now has a date - 16th April.

You will need a 1k Marine force (40K armies maybe used BUT all 30k rules take precedence over 40k, meaning Marines don't have ''And they shall know no fear'' plus your'll need extras which may include Lords of War (Primarchs, Super Heavies) for a large game later the same day.

The day will include both mini games (This is where you need the 1k Force) and a large 30k game in the afternoon which is effected by the results of the mini games.

Cost will be £5 per head with all profits going to the Club to help pay for whatever is needed and/or wanted.

Any questions please ask me or Roy Brown, I'm sure one of us should be able to answer everything between us.

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